Adsense taboo mouth million times not as good as once

mouth is always the most simple, as the twenty-first Century new, we all know that the theory can be rewarded, but this truth in the webmaster this line is often impractical! Here a lot of people have doubts, why is that? The theoretical knowledge is not very important but I really found? Many people are constantly saying this or that reason, said, but when we asked, closely reasoned and well argued! You have to follow your thought to do so when many people are not doing, only


theory is out of time, so it’s just "theory"!

here I cite a simple example, like we always discuss if enhance the user experience, the most simple we all know yourself as a user to see your own web site, and then combined with the views of other people to achieve! What bounce rate, what extend to browse, what browsing depth, this concept I can say a lot, but really what is the use? There are several websites can do that? I will not speak of the difficulty here, we take a most simple way, is the site of all the articles to be readable, this point of view, there are several sites in time to do so! We always said we’d talk about going to the original, but the original article on the user can also provide value! But when we really want to do? Writing is a painful thing Here I didn’t have to say it? A 3000 word article, can let a person to do without the original one day, one day the increase, the number of such on a site with a good? I like this every day with the idea, there’s something written by a man. 3000 word essays will cost me at least midnight hours a day, so even if I don’t eat or sleep for writing, then only 48 articles, of course I am not completely in accordance with the Ironman working tirelessly to create! So if you see in a master when discussing various optimization methods of, be sure to see if you can fit yourself! Maybe he said only to a company of 500 people for the


so the gap between theory and practice is very large, this is my last time to understand, recently this time has been ready to build a movie station, I know all kinds of optimization methods, but I find a job which is enough to make me have no time to do other what I think every day with 20 of the original article, I also want to have a day outside the chain of 50+, also want to increase every day Links 5, want to put the website keywords for each module stack to the appropriate density, to a more detailed classification, to make the site more conducive to search

code!I think

just above a few of them, I found it really made me put aside my hand scorched by the flames, now, if I work 20 hours a day, should be able to do such a thing, but you think it is a terrible thing.

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