Entrepreneurs should refrain from being busy and spend more time thinking deeply

Abstract: too busy to weaken their ability to think deeply, and this is precisely the most important ability of entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurs like to brush the presence of a circle of friends. I often see entrepreneurs in the circle of friends to send photos to show their team busy situation, not the weekend is still working overtime, is still working at 12 points. Pictures with text is also very inspirational, not to change the world, is to subvert the industry. In the face of such entrepreneurs, I usually only two judgments: either his career has just started, or he started very difficult, very anxious heart.

why do I have this judgment? Is simply "still waters". Most of the small, successful entrepreneurs have a low profile, their main focus is on day-to-day management, with no interest in showing off their work. Like most experienced runners are silent, they know that there are many difficulties on the road, there is no need to use noise to brush the feeling, the results will prove everything. Only those who are empty and anxious need to prove what they do.

this is the difference between entrepreneurial veterans and recruits. The people who started the business were just like the recruits on the battlefield. They felt everything was new and full of curiosity. They tend to overestimate their abilities, you really think that you can change the world; underestimate the difficulties encountered, thought to myself and the team played some chicken, the difficulty will naturally fade. They show the busy scene in the circle of friends, often reflects the inner anxiety. They do not know these things have no results, but to rely on busy to prove that he did not waste time.

is a very natural human nature to be busy with the resistance of the heart. But for entrepreneurs, is not very good human nature. The success of a business does not depend on how busy you are, but how much you create value for the customer, or how many people you meet the needs of the product. Keep yourself busy is easy, but if you want to replay the entrepreneur to do things will be found, they are busy things wrong. And too busy will undermine their ability to think deeply, and this is precisely the most important ability of entrepreneurs.

take my own experience. Just start a business at that time, I also occasionally give yourself to chicken, by the way hair business sentiment, now look at those feeling quite justified, but I later less dry matter. Why? Because after venture into the track, is not so much the day in and day out of operation, new, no need to give yourself extremely excited to do it well. If the business a few years still impassioned, still adjust their business models, as can be imagined he was difficult to explore, and even can be said to have been in trouble.

another change is that I am not so busy, less and less decisions need to be made. I have a regular checking work habits, do poineering work the first year I found that 80% things are busy for second years, the proportion of about 60% white busy. You can’t blame me for being incompetent, most entrepreneurs are worse than me

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