nnovation in China to create Angel team looking for entrepreneurial Mr Right

last 2016, every one of us is not easy, the pattern of world environment change, Trump stage, the South China Sea dispute, but the most important thing is to go in the business on the road more difficult to you. In the current capital increasingly calm, is the "winter"? There are statistics, in recent years, a lot of people in the "winter capital" theory, has been expanding into the market of capital, so the capital of winter is winter? Or should we think about other problems?

capital through the fog, in the wave of the Internet faded, a new outlet where?, is the cutting-edge technology? Or biological medicine? Or in entertainment? With the wind, as from the platform of self worth 2017 open your business trip!

2017 China open spring summit will be held on April at the Beijing National Convention Center, to join the entrepreneurial innovation CHINA (DEMO) angel clan, we take the capital of the wind to wait for you to.

what is innovation in China (DEMO CHINA)

2006 in Beijing Zhongguancun debut, more than ten years of experience, from the original and innovative products and services, business models display platform to a large venture capital portfolio diversification "today’s summit forum + game + Exhibition" three-in-one; nowadays, has become China’s largest DEMO Day, as Chinese double field attracts nearly landmarks; tens of thousands of the most potential start-ups for Xiong Xiaoge, Xu Xiaoping, Shen Napeng; Yan Yan, Deng Feng, Yu and other more than 2000 top domestic investors to attend. Since 2015, the number of people began to break the summit, helping more than 500 cumulative financing more than 5 billion. Ten years do not forget the beginning of the heart, innovation CHINA (DEMO) for more entrepreneurs, capital and the establishment of a connection between the third party bridge.

what is the angel clan

since 2016 (Autumn) innovation in China to open a new DEMO competitive model – Angel clan beta1.0, get a great response entrepreneurs. 2017 innovation Chinese spring summit will launch the "2 Angel corps", aims to attract more high-quality entrepreneurs and investors to join, obtained from the 2 day of the summit during the showcase and exposure, and with high quality and efficient capital docking, the rapid growth of power of entrepreneurs.

business was founded in 2007, is the earliest Chinese focus "double" service platform, to provide information and services of high value for entrepreneurs, promote innovation and entrepreneurship China. It has media interaction, business incubation, investment and financing services. China Innovation Summit held since has formed a huge influence, 2014 summit every year to attract more than 1500 domestic and foreign top investors in attendance, covering almost all the domestic first-line investment institutions. All enrolled in start-ups on average about 4000, the peak has reached more than 5000 start-ups, Christmas >

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