Listed on the new board Tiexue veteran military community electricity supplier breakthrough attempt


technology news news November 5th, Beijing science and Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "science and technology") today officially sign a new three listing transfer, stock code 833658, estimated market value of 416 million yuan.

The transfer mode of

for iron technology market making trading market maker to issue 2 million 600 thousand shares, the market maker for the Limited by Share Ltd, Orient Securities, Northeast Securities, essence securities Limited by Share Ltd Limited by Share Ltd.

Tiexue was founded in 2001, is one of the most famous military website. Faced with other veteran communities, is the survival of the community as well as the commercialization of the problem.

and other vertical community website, Tiexue early profit model mainly relies on advertising revenue. Tiexue general manager Jiang Lei began to explore the community + business model from 2008.

2008, the science and technology established the first domestic military website – Jagged Jun character, try military sales. In 2011, Jiang Lei founded its own brand of Longya tactical tactics.

in addition, Tiexue also try IP hatch. Directed by Wu Jing’s military movie "wolf" is the author of the screenwriter tiexue.

data show that the science and technology in 2014 annual revenue of 115 million yuan. As of July 2015, Tiexue had 10 million registered users, Tiexue ranked second in the ranking of ALEXA military websites. (Wen Dao)

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