The 8 major reasons for e commerce websites to seriously look at the film

e-commerce sites, online video can be personalized and cost saving way to attract consumer attention, the following is the performance of the film beyond the static content of the site in 8 ways:

1 film can attract new and relevant search traffic

and general text ", the film in the keyword search results, ranked in the first page of the chance of more than 50 times, so to ensure that the film is easy to let visitors watch, search, and many key new products in the market when it is ready.

2 film assets can be used on many different pipelines

movies can be played on YouTube, TV, in store displays and so on, so it is a cost-effective way to maintain brand consistency and enhance consumer perceptions.

3 videos encourage sharing

films than the text on the page to share more, but also on the social media thumbnail is more compelling, and bring more comments and praise, and even to the brand website traffic.

4 film can enhance the visitor involvement

video is very easy for users to obtain knowledge, do not need additional manipulation, clicks and other additional actions, and now many of the film will also be embedded in the call for action messages, direct guide to the shopping cart.

Halo effect

5 film can cause dialogue

film allows consumers to deeply understand the product, and change their overall impression of the brand and the site, the establishment of trust and reputation, which is to obtain the fundamental market share.

6 film can increase customer loyalty

audio and video electronic newspaper can attract the attention of consumers, opening rate is usually 2 to 3 times the text electronic newspaper, but also by personal greetings, purchase products, or provide reference discount according to shopping history, geographical location, and market areas, to create customized video communication.

7 film can create online personalized

just as there will be recommended in the store clerk commentary, the film can also be online transfer similar experience, and with the rapid development of technology to create personalized videos, online store also can eliminate the gap between reality and virtual experience.

8 film production costs decline, the rate of return on investment rose

The production of

is more and more automated, economical and high quality, so it can increase the competitive advantage of enterprises and create a better shopping experience for users.

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