Mogujie com and Japan Cosme reached a cooperation and a place to buy buy buy

cross-border electricity supplier has really been to the fire everywhere? However, the balance of bank cards do not allow you to do so!

a very fire in Japan cosmetics list, how to influence the consumers Chinese? The first problem to be solved, let more people see it, at least a chance, said: "consumers can look good".

October 22nd, Japan’s largest beauty cosmetics complex website Cosme announced a strategic cooperation with This is the Cosme in China after, Tmall, Red Book Fourth cooperation platform. on the Cosme after the opening of the flagship store, the original Tmall on the Cosme only overseas flagship store, the name may be changed.


Cosme flagship store on

on the "global buyers" as claimed by, this cooperation is very much like a pair of 11 strokes when they hold before, to the upcoming shopping carnival, spent 200 million yuan in advertising.

Cosme now can be said to be a buyer on the website the biggest." co-founder Yue Xuqiang told curiosity daily, both sides of the audience highly fit, the future of Cosme will be selected by some beauty Daren, introduced to japan."

large volume of user reviews based on (over 12 million) annual Cosme Awards List, each 20-30 year old Japanese girl would refer to a cosmetic product list, of which more than 70% are local brands in japan. In Japan today, almost nothing to worry about selling goods in China, how to let more people know the existence of this list may be the primary problem.

with open Chinese cross-border electricity policy, the parent company of Cosme iStyle this year has been set up cross-border electricity supplier division, China Chairman Yoshida Naoshi said, "China is their greatest concern in the global market." This strategic cooperation with, in addition to get more attention and the user (according to the conference data, has 130 million users, 8 million active users), KOL Master social focus on training mode of electricity providers are also of concern to them.

Daren recommended can bring additional value for the product." This may also be the reason why attaches great importance to social attributes. Press conference, launched the KOL thousands of people to develop a plan to play a more active on the platform of those fashion bloggers, contract models, stylists, photographers, makeup people value.

is one of the most important reasons for choosing and working with Cosme, from

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