Network domain name registration will be lost after a year

to promote the company’s image, Teng Feng advertising company commissioned a professional service company registered two Internet domain names. Unexpectedly, due to the negligence of the agency, the company domain name in a year after being seized by others. To this end, Teng Feng advertising company PCCW business company to court, seeking compensation for economic loss of 500 thousand yuan. Xuhui District court of justice on both sides did a careful mediation, and finally the two sides shook hands and.

Teng Feng company said two years ago to build the company’s website, specially commissioned agency registered a company in English two domain name service period agreement were 2 years. To this end, the company’s domain name registration fees charged a total of 656 yuan. Subsequently, Teng Feng company has done a lot of work for the website construction and advance publicity. What material, in June last year, when the company is ready to use the domain name ready to use the domain name, but found that their Chinese domain name has been used by others. See this case, Teng Feng company immediately get in touch with the company’s. Let Teng Feng company accident is, according to the company registered company said due to negligence only for their one year service period of second years, the domain name may have been others seize. In this regard, the company’s willingness to 2 times according to the domain name that is 500 yuan compensation fee. But Teng Feng company that he for the promotion of website domain name has to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, including DM in "today Tourism News" each period of each page are printed with the company’s Chinese domain and the two domain to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau trademark agency to apply for trademark registered, also published a lot of other promotional materials. The Chinese domain name used by others, causing huge economic losses Teng Feng company, the company sued the Xuhui District court’s requirements for compensation for economic loss of 500 thousand yuan.

After hearing the

court found that the domain name registration website has become a business promotion, publicity a common way of their own, and some have formed a certain brand effect. The judge to the original, the defendant made a patient mediation. Finally, the company agreed to back the PCCW preempted the domain name Chinese iraw company, and make corresponding compensation.

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