Disorderly knife self mutilation Gome will only die quickly Sike Jingdong

in the traditional home appliance stores, Gome and Suning planes still exist side by side, but in the field of electronic business, the United States is a weak hundred-percent. However, since this year, the United States suddenly in the field of electricity providers unusually high-profile, the first half of the year with the main rival Jingdong and suning.com repeatedly caught fighting, but came two days before the closure of the overbearing internal mail, one is that the second half of this year to surpass suning.com, two is to angry words online price is lower than the full Jingdong. For a time, 3C electricity supplier of home appliances market once again become tense.

the United States repeatedly play seven injuries boxing Suning

competing with Jingdong

of the two internal mail, a letter from the president of Gome Wang Junzhou, another letter from GOME chairman of mu online your first.

the evening of August 11th, Gome President Wang Junzhou issued a message to Li Juntao, Mou Guixian and other executives of Gome group, the strategic goal of the United States in the second half of the present clear: first, the United States line business full beyond Suning, Gome online to surpass suning.com; two, Gome Online price must be lower than Jingdong! Then, Gome online chairman Mou Guixian by mail to the United States online staff issued a general mobilization order: the second half of the year will take a comprehensive and lasting low price strategy, all business system must ensure that the price is lower than the full Jingdong, or the relevant person in charge of packing


must have internal staff may look up the United States, but from the spectator point of view, in addition to the naked bloody, shouting slogans is tragic. You know, the price war in the electricity industry, called internal flesh, not only in cutting competition is in the meat, cut their meat. The so-called "Shangdi eight hundred, since the loss of one thousand, has always been the worst of the melee, there is no technical content.

is the most terrible thing is that this time the United States online is claimed to be all business system the price is lower than the full Jingdong! According to Gome online chairman Mou Guixian requirements, the next after the May launch of the "Gome online expensive to lose the scope of activities will be fully upgraded, not only covers the previous color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, kitchen and other large appliances, will be fully extended to computer, mobile phone, digital, small appliances and other popular 3C category, directed at the Jingdong’s core products, the hinterland of


this falls, but the United States not only hard to challenge B2C independent Jingdong boss, but also with the online contest once many years Suning rivalry. In August 18th this year is the 5 anniversary of the anniversary of the establishment of suning.com, suning.com’s early release advertising claims will be issued 1 billion 800 million yuan red envelope large pro. The results, Gome online also laicourenao, announced the start of August 15th -20, the 818 peak of the war, WeChat not only declared a cash payment of 2 billion 800 million yuan coupons to buy expensive red envelopes, pay 300 yuan, also played the full 28000 yuan presending Xbox One, a full 50000 yuan promotional presending iPhone 6 a gift.

previously, during the big promotion activities in the Jingdong’s 618 anniversary, the Jingdong announced the issuance of 1 billion 600 million yuan in cash.

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