Why didn’t Alipay life pay popular

is Alipay life assistant at this stage on the development of content, provides payment of communication fees, utility fees, credit card payments, gifts of gold, the rent and AA receiving these services mainly for Alipay users. Alipay launched this service to life, to a large extent to meet the needs of young consumers’ payment of life, so they don’t have to go to the bank queue to pay the costs of the troubles, the theory should be very popular.

but to our surprise, the most popular in life assistant is not to pay utilities and communications costs, using the largest number of AA turned out to be receiving the service, so far a total of 220 thousand passengers using this service, and pay the communication fee is only 210 thousand people.

AA collection of this service to help Alipay users at dinner with friends and colleagues or other entertainment activities, can also register for many people, in one step. The use of this service will obviously be the majority of young people, and most of them are like the gathering of people, the scope of the application has some limitations. So here’s the question we should ask is, why pay so little use of Alipay communication fees, utilities the life project


maybe the answer is very simple, Alipay is not a bank, so the user must use Alipay to Alipay through a variety of bank card recharge, then the user can then use the shopping or other Alipay services. For Taobao users, this is not what the two payment is hardly what troubles, but allow users to use Alipay pay for the cost of living is not the same, all kinds of gas hydropower company can not assume all customers have a Alipay account, and can pass the bank payment to their Alipay

voucher of the shortcomings in the bank will not exist, because either the bank card or passbook payment vouchers are natural, and the electric power service company is currently mostly used by bank card, passbook vouchers allow users to pay, in many domestic banks have started to provide network payment services under the condition of use Alipay is to pay make an unnecessary move.

therefore, Alipay’s future life to pay for this, should be more prominent in the era of network characteristics, such as the AA collection and other special services, mining large banks do not have no interest in doing the project, perhaps more than welcome to pay utilities development.

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