Domain cooperation should be cautious

is still on the Internet in the Hype: domain cooperation, etc.. It is, you take out your domain name, the domain name to partner with, he resolved to the specified host, you do not charge. It’s up to them to give you a bonus after 2 or 3 months. A request to you only, to timely renew the domain name. Of course, in general, they are required to have a domain name PR included.

during the Spring Festival, I have a PR1 domain name due to space issues, suspended under the. See a netizen in the QQ group released a similar domain name information. Taking into account the rice in my hands idle, it is better to look at cooperation. So contacted, I put forward the requirement is not to place illegal content. He reassured me that he would be waiting for the bonus in two months. He was in a hurry to let me do this.

the next day, I checked, content is already generated by the keyword web site, a matchmaking, placement of Asian friends advertising. I think this will make them pay.

had about three days, I look at the site, has changed, and became a stock battle network.

a week later, I suddenly received a message from QQ partners, said they have a problem, the domain name can not continue to cooperate. I’m sorry, I didn’t care too much. I can’t work together.

but when I was ready to stand again, when I went to Baidu, my head was big. The rice was Baidu K. In this way, I lost a PR1 meter.

until I issued a document, GG just re included my home page, Baidu is still a blank.

integrated their own experience, would like to remind friends, domain name cooperation when cautious. Others use your meter and traffic, earn the cost of advertising while cool to go, or it may be in the test keywords will be K. Time is very tight, this article is also in a hurry. Not for anyone, just friendship reminded growers and owners, good rice have a good


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