Ali investment Haier electric distribution padding short board against the Soviet Union and the Unit

Ali group today announced a total investment of 2 billion 800 million yuan (equivalent to RMB 2 billion 200 million yuan) of Haier Group subsidiary Haier. To the electricity supplier, the main industry of Ali and home appliance industry Haier, hoping to set up a set of applicable to home appliances and large goods logistics and distribution, installation service system and standards.

is more critical is that this set of system is "open" to the whole society, the implication is that the logistics distribution system in the future will also provide services to other large goods distribution needs of enterprises, rather than self-sufficient.

electricity supplier industry this year "logistics competition is not intense, which Ali shot the most frequent and generous. In May this year, Ali took the lead in the establishment of the overall scale of investment in the logistics data company 300 billion rookie network". In October, Ali led the U.S. electricity distribution service ShopRunner2 billion dollars in new financing was the "Wall Street journal" exposed.

this time a big investment in Haier, Ali wants to build in the end is what kind of logistics Empire and Haier day Shun logistics system is the most valuable place where?

Haier value points: Township distribution system

Alibaba and Haier based on the emotional fit, we first look at a few data.

2012 Tmall city total sales of 50 billion 200 million yuan, Gome Suning’s total sales in 2012 of about 100 billion. And in 2013 Tmall Electric City sales forecast to one hundred billion, that is to say the 2013 Tmall and Gome Suning Electric City has become one of the three channels for racing together bridle to bridle China appliances.

Haier goodaymart logistics system established in the last century at the beginning of 90s, after ten years of development, the logistics in the establishment of China more than 3 thousand distribution line, more than 6 thousand customer service outlets to the layout of the more than 17 thousand service providers. Shun day has been achieved in more than 1 thousand and 500 districts and counties within 24 hours of time limit, in the county to achieve the service within 48 hours of the 460. In 2012, Haier daily turnover has exceeded 50 billion yuan.

through this cooperation we can focus on two pairs of key words: Haier white and Tmall City, Shun day logistics and Tmall logistics treasure.

Ali why choose Haier


electricity supplier in the field of home appliances, the hardest thing to do is white, white category mainly covers air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines. White mass, large volume, high cost of logistics distribution requirements, etc., so the appliances raging like a storm in recent five years, the white power online retail has been stagnant. Then add a line of traditional white electricity brands such as GREE contempt for electricity supplier channels, Tmall’s best selling air conditioning was once such a second tier brand AUX.

so Ali is in urgent need of a white line in the field of Tmall brand to enter the city to make up for the short board in the field of white

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