Shenzhen Amazon mierkat training cross border electricity supplier training courses 007 period

Like a raging fire

Amazon in Shenzhen training courses, school student enrollment is very enthusiastic! Mierkat cross-border electricity supplier training, just a few months time, the opening has been to class seventh; with a strong team of teacher quality and Amazon teaching content, to attract more and more students;

course notice: July 2016 23-24, Amazon mierkat based class 007 class practice is to accept the application;



sweep, direct consultation with mierkat girl friend,

!The following is

mierkat bianjizu original Amazon dry cargo:

"| dry cargo an article to help you fix the Amazon registered"

if you choose to do cross-border electricity supplier export, will choose the Amazon.

What do you need to know about and prepare for

before signing up for Amazon?

Xiaobian today with everyone about science.

a, Amazon account type

Amazon account types are divided into: Professional professional seller account and Individual individual seller account.

here, to talk about the characteristics of individual sellers account: no monthly, every sale of a product, the product of commission charge $0.99+. No batch operation features, no gold box (buy), no order data reports, can not create promotional products and other special product details.

is not alone, each seller will grab the gold shopping cart that can determine the individual sellers account function is not awesome, not by the sellers’ favor. So at the beginning, you can choose to register a professional seller account.

two, Amazon’s professional seller account charges

professional seller account has the required functionality of the seller, you can register as an individual or corporate identity, registration can choose a different identity type.

so, registered professional seller account, Amazon platform to charge it?

, of course. Receive monthly + commission.

how much? The rent is not the same in different stations. The station received $39.99/, Europe £ 25/ months; the Commission, each product sales commission, of course, different product categories, the commission rate is not the same button.

three, professional seller registration

before choosing to become a professional seller, you can choose to register in the name of an individual or company.

1 apply for registration by personal identity

small to the North American station as an example to explain the need to pre registration information: name, phone, address, postcode, registered mail, computer and network, has a clean double currency >

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