Taobao West District ten first electricity supplier 4 times

[editor’s note] platform built from scratch, to carry out the introduction of external traffic, internal traffic distribution and its own profit and other exploration, Taobao is a classic success stories. The founder of the ten districts of West and CEO Li Mingwei believes that Taobao is a product of a stage of development, the new situation is a vertical business platform of supermarket, this platform in the backstage management, and other aspects are profitable channels and senior Taobao there is a huge difference. West of the ten district as an example, first of all, not through the internal flow distribution to make money through the series field culture service chain to achieve profitability; secondly, the business platform is free to help introducing external flow; finally, since the establishment of the platform are not a fake event.


West ten District website

(background information: ten West District is a ticket platform, founded in December 2011, the company has 170 people, has opened 21 city sites, covering 36 City, 8 million registered users, the first half of this year to achieve fifty coverage of the city. Public information shows that it has completed the four round of financing, the latter two are from the Chinese cultural industry fund and the creation of abundant capital. Founder Li Mingwei has ten years of media experience, served as executive director of the China business review.



West ten District Li Mingwei

The following is

billion state power network and Li Mingwei dialogue:

mode of contention: what is the supermarket?

billion state power network: ten West area model is what? And barley, Yongle and other micro ticket ticketing website

what is the relationship?

Li Mingwei: West area ten is a vertical business platform a supermarket, "where + Tmall + Taobao" in the form of barley, Yongle, and a large number of micro ticket ticket generation, are ten West area customers. According to personal observation of the industry, I believe that the development process of China’s electricity supplier is divided into four stages, including the supermarket is the latest trend of vertical electricity supplier platform:

the first stage, C2C, in the form of platform development, Taobao, eBay as representative;

second stage, B2C website is mainly vertical, such as where the customer, Jingdong, Amazon, and Tmall as the B2C platform in advance;

third stage, the shop or the market of electronic business platform, is characterized by the shop or market method operation, Tmall and later turned to the Jingdong as the representative;

fourth stage, the supermarket of the vertical electric business platform to the supermarket method of operation, such as the west area ten.

The difference between

market or store and supermarket is that the market business efficiency, resource allocation is not optimal, homogenization phenomenon is serious, related to all aspects of practitioners to be responsible for their own related fields, from the shop decoration, purchase, delivery, sales to customer service and other one-stop. However, the supermarket means

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