Some forms of network marketing in single Hotel

in the practice of tourism network marketing, I also began to actively focus on the single hotel network marketing unique format. In fact, the original tour talk blog on the monomer hotel network marketing is not very concerned about, but there is a friend in the QQ message to ask me to monomer hotel network marketing ideas, so I began to understand the positive aspects of the situation. In fact, as a part of tourism network marketing, network marketing of single hotel and discussion is really small, not single hotel network marketing is not important, but increasing development in tourism e-commerce industry today, the hotel network marketing has been hidden in them, it is difficult to distinguish from each other. For example, Ctrip Travel booking business especially the reservation business hotel, the hotel network marketing is a form, but the tourism e-commerce websites do. Today, I would like to talk about the blog on the monomer hotel network marketing some views to share with you.

The first part of

: the implementation form of single hotel network marketing

1, Ctrip and other travel booking website

this is the implementation of current single hotel network marketing, in fact, this single hotel implementation is very simple: it is linked with Ctrip Travel booking website, become the travel booking website cooperation Hotel, travel booking sites give some commission, monomer hotel network marketing with travel booking website platform. This saves time and effort, it is easy to achieve results.

has the advantages of convenient, single hotel basically in the network marketing does not require any input, depending on the travel reservation website to complete its network marketing

disadvantages: rely heavily on travel booking sites, in the Commission on the expense of the hotel to give up a lot of profit. As a result of the cooperation of travel booking website, there are a lot of cooperation, which leads to the uncertainty of cooperation.

2, in the Showtime travel tourism website set up shop

B2C platform

set up shop in the Showtime travel tourism B2C platform website, this is the single hotel network marketing implementation is higher, the single hotel try to explore the form of network marketing. Set up shop in the supermarket these tourist travel information website, with respect to the first form, the monomer hotel no longer relies heavily on travel booking sites, began to hotel network marketing for the input of manpower and material resources. Can be used to open a large online travel information platform for large-scale user platform for marketing, so that the order does not have to pay a high commission.

The advantages of

: single hotel network marketing using large tourism website weight and user base, can obtain the good ranking in the search engine guide book, also can get accurate reservation in the tourism website, the multiplier effect.

disadvantages: pay and get match. Open shop to spend some of the costs, the shop is also updated operating costs, in the use of online hotel network marketing process, pay and get careful accounting. And the hotel shop operators also need >

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