E commerce into the trend of the giants frequently shot B2C

large C2C e-commerce platform as supermarkets and department stores, but consumers also need a variety of stores, e-commerce "these stores is B2C, for many years in the Internet industry of domestic electronic commerce Wang Qiao has its own understanding. It is based on this understanding, Wang Qiao and friends in Chengdu co founded a professional import wine sales website.

optimistic about the B2C model is much more than Wang Qiao, just started in 2011, the capital is frequently layout B2C: Music Amoy 200 million yuan financing has been in place, good music to buy at least $60 million financing. On the other hand, e-commerce giants have also begun to focus on the field of B2C, Baidu jointly set up a joint venture Lotte website cool days, taobao.com to spin off independent domain name Taobao mall, genuine business focus…… In 2011, the domestic e-commerce inflection point is the beginning of B2C model began to rise.

do online store more promising

"large supermarket can provide complete category of goods, but it is difficult for consumers to provide more detailed services, in a particular type of product rich degree is not enough," said Wang Qiao, the degree of intensive and meticulous farming C2C site in the platform based on a single commodity is not enough, "just like the line, there are supermarkets and shopping malls. But consumers also need special clothing store". Based on this judgment, Wang Qiao in August last year, formally established a professional wine category B2C website wine guest network".

why did you choose this category of imported wine, Wang Qiao explained that in recent years, the domestic consumption of imported wine showed a substantial growth trend, especially with the online shopping habits of young people are gradually becoming the important power consumption of red wine, imported wine market and broad prospects. The store in the relatively high price of wine has become one of the reasons for Wang Qiao to enter this field, "with our shareholders in the Chengdu local wine dealer, supply is guaranteed, we finally selected an e-commerce site" sales of imported wine, said Wang qiao.

relative to the large e-commerce platform, vertical fine classification of B2C e-commerce sites also have their own advantages. Wang Qiao said, because of the professional background, the electronic commerce website of vertical subdivision able to provide consumers with more detailed, more professional service, independent website is more conducive to build their own brand of electronic commerce.

last month, our turnover reached about one hundred thousand yuan, the fledgling website has been good, "Wang Qiao said, starting capital website but also hundreds of thousands of yuan, is expected in the second half of this year can be profitable.

C2C growth may slow down

According to the

Chinese electronic commerce research center market report, as of the first half of last year, taobao.com is still a dominant, accounting for 83.5% of the market share, Tencent Inc subsidiary pat Network of 11.5% market share, followed by eBay eBay and Baidu has ah, the 4 basic control of the entire C2C market. List of insiders

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