Looking back on the market outlook of 2012 brilliant Juhuasuan outlook for 2013

today in our life, often because it can group purchase, we save a lot of money, so as to occupy the half of the country of the group purchase industry Juhuasuan, according to the latest news, in the past 2012, Juhuasuan turnover of 20 billion 750 million, and will be more planning strategy in 2013, to be in the business in the war, the country has more. So in our back in 2012, Juhuasuan has brought us more shock, let us expect Juhuasuan today’s success, which is exactly what the reason? In 2013, Juhuasuan will bring us


Taobao behind the platform to support

Juhuasuan is a Taobao Group buy site. Taobao as a retailer, the appeal of the industry, each of us is for all to see. From the 2012 double 11, Taobao announced the beginning of the retail sales of 1 trillion, one can imagine, Taobao brought the user is a huge market. For these huge market, but also to bring more people to Juhuasuan traffic, and has a stable source. And Juhuasuan has Taobao this platform, people’s confidence in it will improve. This also gives Juhuasuan more opportunities. Plus now the group purchase industry downturn, a lot of problems in Juhuasuan group purchase website, Taobao this big backer, is to deepen in the world group purchase.

when we are satisfied with the consumption of Juhuasuan once, the consumer’s reputation is also a huge wealth. It is also possible to import users to Taobao or Tmall’s stores through Juhuasuan, bringing opportunities for the next sale or sale of other goods.

personalized service sought enthusiastic

Juhuasuan and Haier after the introduction of custom activities of home appliances, but it was seen more than one million users of concern and sought after. Out of a variety of home appliances, quickly break through the million mark. After the group, only a few minutes, it was a remarkable achievement. I think this personalized custom electrical services, the real needs of consumers, otherwise it will not be so sought after by users. And Juhuasuan itself behind this service, there are preferential prices. Not only to meet the needs of consumers, as well as this attractive price, in today’s electricity supplier price war, even if a beautiful battle sought after by all parties. And Juhuasuan’s personalized service, not into the embodiment of home appliances, in many places, there are a lot of personalized customized consumer goods. These are to bring the flow of Juhuasuan, Juhuasuan can have such a result today, but also an inevitable result.

by virtue of their own advantages, to attract more groups to join

now buy market in the electricity supplier, the inevitable competitiveness is very large. Now Juhuasuan can by virtue of their popularity, attracting Wowo mall and full network of the group purchase network to join, let the business to achieve docking. Similarly, these joined the group of buyers who, of course, is hoping to use the power of Juhuasuan, to achieve a win-win situation. In this case, it is also

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