The service life of O2O will be a major reshuffle in the old position of the essential

The popularity of

smart phones, a wide range of e-commerce models will emerge like mushrooms. It seems overnight, anything can be achieved through the phone and the internet.

consumers have not only satisfied with the purchase of a commodity on the Internet, the demand for food and beverage, health, entertainment, tourism and other life services.

is well known, the electricity supplier economy has been transferred to the service provider and penetration. Online shopping is no longer limited to physical transactions, service providers have emerged, the city of 020 systems, from entrepreneurs to capital markets are looking for the next e-commerce model.


China life service O2O market has experienced three stages of development:

exchange of information — the achievement of transaction — the control of consumption scene

life service 020 to attract the majority of users in the form of buy, the company’s marketing dominance is fully in the hands of the group buying site.

mobile Internet technology to accelerate, accelerate the depth of the local O2O service landing and the value chain. Life service businesses need more diverse, systematic marketing innovation.

life service providers, it is not simply online to the line, the line down to the line, but the line on the line and comprehensive integration of the full integration.

micro three Cloud City system how to solve the pain of business marketing points

Xiao Bian believes that the city’s 020 system to solve the pain of business marketing points, summed up the 4 key words: platform, social, content, big data.


micro three Cloud City closed loop business model, the use of social + platform + content + big data mode to solve the relationship between businesses and users has always been antagonistic. Ultimately the formation of users, businesses rely on the platform ecosystem, to complete the integration of resources.

micro three Cloud City of the 020 system, open business interface, cross-border integration, connecting all walks of life, to build a closed loop ecosystem, so that businesses grasp the leading edge of online marketing.

for the catering industry, catering to 020 City, is WeChat public number as the basis, including LBS positioning, booking, ordering, payment, marketing, service business catering management integration fans new mode, can achieve a seamless online and offline marketing restaurants, let users eat convenience, businesses earn a happy.

fans can experience their own good restaurant recommended to friends, if a friend to the store consumption, as recommended, you can get commission.

for the hotel industry, the 020 City Hotel, with the help of social marketing, comprehensive integration of the three micro cloud distribution system, through online and offline diversion, the realization of "users convenient booking, hotel occupancy rate, enhance the resource integration platform" and the interaction between the three innovative Hotel O2O.

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