Mobi domain name is another hat to deceive the enterprise

            Internet is a smart man’s money making tool, all kinds of hats, as long as you can make up, you can find a name out, you can cheat money. A lot of examples, what a variety of certification, general web site, the real name of the network, as well as the so-called 2, only you have enough weight of the rope, you can set to be slaughtered lambs. Today to see all the information website in the promotion of Mobi, deliberately fabricate a new domain concept, an enterprise must in the end, how many domain names, an enterprise must in order to protect their own interests, how much to buy no account. Companies do not know, we engage in the network for many years people do not know. Who seems to be fooled by the ring, who cheated more. From the beginning of the com, net, pure org, .Info .Cc.Com.Cn to Chinese Chinese Chinese.Cc to general web site, to the network real name, to what Mobi now, to the infinite things in the future. One is more expensive than the other. One more than one will flicker. As long as you are an enterprise, as long as you have a brand, you have to protect it, you do not protect your brand will not. The concept of
                always do not want to say, everyone can see itself, like the emperor’s new clothes, but very little cost benefits received multimedia PR, we went together to deceive the enterprise, go to the Internet to cheat, anyway, get rich together, the registration bureau secretly to make money, the agent also was rich, everybody can participate in a job. Big business owners money, everyone go to the card, as long as you cheat, right and proper.
                I attended a Mobi conference, itself is not called the Mobi conference, the company receives a Chinese Internet: the Ministry of information industry, what the Federation of wireless fax, a five-star hotel in the city hall of a report. Happy my hands tremble. Such an important meeting, which can miss, did not have breakfast, went to the venue, the reception, the sister, and that a suit like the students to respect the Internet entrepreneur. The speaker of the banner of the name of an Entrepreneur Alliance and Internet experts in the flicker, flicker. What intellectual property, what the company’s brand, Mobi was registered after suffering, someone registered Mobi after money and rushing to order, will have about half, most entrepreneurs are running at the entrance to the pre injection of Mobi of its own. Year 300, 5 year 1500, must register for 5 years, see very

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