Tmall supermarket challenge Ali home court required to complete the self ability of Jingdong

recent Tmall supermarket flagship preferential subsidies, 1 billion red envelopes crazy hit the Beijing market, in the advertising and red stimulation, the effect is also very good, Beijing regional sales grew by 740%. The Jingdong will also target the super, first to 4 billion 300 million stake in Yonghui supermarket, occupy 10% of the shares, also recently launched for daily consumer goods promotion activities.

Why is the charm of

online supermarket so big?

according to the 2015 quarter of Nielsen Co China consumer confidence index survey shows that about 83% of the rural / rural consumers believe that can be purchased on the network can not buy local or difficult to buy goods. For the majority of villages and towns or rural areas of consumers, they are very difficult to get those sold only in a second tier city supermarket and retail store, and business as an indispensable platform, provides more space for their choice of products.

In addition,

consumer behavior online survey data also showed that online consumption is mainly used to replace the consumer line accounted for the highest proportion in the East, 35%. Similarly, in the past three months, the number of people who regularly buy fast moving consumer goods (more than 2 times a month) is still the highest in the East, at the rate of $25%. The eastern region not only promotes the development of consumption, but also becomes more and more digital.

shows that the user’s shopping habits in the supermarket is undergoing profound changes, from the line to the online trend is obvious, making the online supermarket full of imagination. Beijing, as a special symbolic significance and practical significance of an eastern city, Ali is bound to seize it, and Beijing as the headquarters of Jingdong, it also has an important strategic significance. Thus, a contest on the online supermarket opened in Beijing.

Ali and Jingdong layout online supermarket who is more dominant?

Since the launch of Tmall

supermarket is relatively low-key, the Ali hit 10 billion push, and put forward the "fast home" and "one-stop shopping" Jingdong has been adhering to the concept, is playing a beautiful counterattack war means in the Jingdong home court.

however, Ali to counter attack, must first overcome once the ills of it.

has been the main Tmall open platform, cooperation mode to invite businessmen settled, in the above quality control can not be exhaustive, fake controversy. Tmall is currently the main push of the Tmall supermarket, the surface is similar with the Jingdong owned by businesses, in fact or recommendation, then complete the independent inventory management, commodity editing, commodity pricing, product replacement, commodity marketing and other business operations, Tmall supermarket just settled the sign to the unified household Tmall supermarket in a platform in fact, Tmall mall merchants settled or similar. So, in the quality control of this ring is still some concern.

Jingdong and the quality of the product has been very strict control. In addition to the usual qualification audit, product screening and monitoring of large data

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