Domestic electricity supplier who can really gold Korea

          South Korea from rookie network layout, to open a Korean Museum, the model is quite different from several major electricity supplier will reach South korea. In the eyes of the Korean people, Alibaba and Jingdong is China’s electricity business G2 (Shuang Xiong), they are leading the Chinese electricity supplier enterprises group to enter the Korean retail market. Product quality, low price caused by tax incentives, low logistics costs, so that Chinese electricity supplier excited. At the same time, China and South Korea will soon sign the FTA will bring a big wave of dividend policy. The South Korean brands, they almost smell the taste of rmb.

get together to open up the Korean market

on Thursday, Jingdong Group founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong appeared in Seoul, the world’s largest investment promotion platform for Jingdong. Not long ago, the ant king held in Seoul to promote the logistics project, said in April, the ant gold service will be open with the Korean network with Korean companies to settle accounts, logistics services. This service is mainly for the domestic sea Amoy family, potential partners, including South Korean department stores, platform based electricity supplier, beauty brand, etc..

in fact, as early as Ali and Jingdong, there are women class electricity supplier aimed at the Korean market. Network serves on cooperation with South Korea’s largest integrated electricity supplier B2C GMarket in 2012, South Korea fashion shopping platform for the launch of the domain name "". But Beijing Daily reporter recently login serves network that currently serves network not in the home page or the two page level entrance open diversion, the user can only enter the domain name into the platform. Similar network serves the role of, also in the day before the Jingdong signed a contract with the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) signed.

in addition to commodity trade and logistics, business enterprises have already spotted South Korea service market. Alipay has already launched a South Korean tourism tax service; founded by Yin Rujie and South Koreans as CEO comparison sites to help buy 5, the business expanded to goods from medical beauty services, tourism services etc..

logistics tariffs are cost-effective

seems to Liu Qiangdong, South Korea’s unique geographical advantage is the main cause of the South Korean Jingdong as the first important international market. Inchon port and Qingdao port is very close to the distance, a ship of less than a day can be reached, we can use the "bonded goods collection" mode, the goods shipped to Chinese by ship, which can greatly reduce the cost of logistics." Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter learned that the voyage from Inchon to Qingdao only 18 hours of shipping. South Korean official said that the current use of EMS will be transported to the small package of the average cost of $8 to China, Liu Qiangdong said that Jingdong can reduce this figure to about $2.

secondly, due to the low price of goods in Japan and South Korea, there are also cheap in the tariff level can be accounted for. According to customs policy, personal mailed items should be levied on personal postal items tax (hereinafter referred to as the "post tax") in 50 yuan (including 50 yuan.

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