2006 2007 China DC Business Research Report

from the beginning of 2005, China’s IDC began to heat up, by 2006, with the recovery of the Internet economy, especially Web2.0 caused by a new round of Internet investment boom, IDC business has picked up. But IDC’s main business revenue is still based on the main business, the proportion of up to 85%. Value added services grew over the previous two years, but the share is still relatively small.

on the basis of many years of IDC tracking research, Wanfang consulting gives the Chinese IDC market situation analysis, related to the main Beijing, and other IDC market. The IDC’s main market participants, IDC development relies on the Internet development situation and development trend of IDC and influence factors and events, users of the market structure to conduct a comprehensive analysis, and forecasts the future development trend, Wanfang suggestions to the related participants proposed.

SMS, voice and video applications, multi network integration of e-commerce and the increasingly popular enterprise application outsourcing promotes the demand for IDC in 2006, China IDC business exceeded 2 billion, and 30% growth rate of rapid development, the focus of future market competition in the IDC on how to provide personalized services. For the enterprise.

Wanfang consulting believes that over the next 3 years, value-added services will be guaranteed bandwidth, the service and remote mirroring the main, within 5 years, data storage and network security market will begin to grow rapidly. The application of e-commerce will be sustained attention.
  first chapter IDC basic concepts

Basic concepts of


IDCDevelopment history and stage of



1.3 IDC enterprise type and business type

1.4 IDC technology trends

second chapter China’s domestic IDC market access analysis

2.1 legal norms and national policy

2.2 capital and technology

third chapter of China’s domestic IDC major market participants analysis

3.1 overview: Participant type

Comparison of

3.2 participants

3.3 China Telecom

3.4 China Unicom

3.5 China Mobile

3.6 China Netcom

3.7 China Tietong

3.8 Century Internet

3.9 263 port

3.10 Tsinghua Huambo

3.11 Shanghai hot line



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