How to do network marketing for small and medium sized enterprises

is now a lot of enterprise network marketing still stays on the surface of the work, some sites are not planning to do, began to promote; some have been doing the bidding, has been in the burn, little effect; some even very confused, do not know how to do network promotion.

Sun Tzu says: An army marches on its stomach. Do the network marketing promotion, did not move, thinking ahead, would rather spend a month looking for ideas, do not blindly do the promotion of a month, do network marketing is a systematic project, so be sure to please all aspects of knowledge and experience of network marketing system to leading and planning network network marketing, before we must carefully plan, investigation, data analysis and summary, formulate feasible scheme of network marketing, then, practice test, and evaluate the effect of continuous adjustment, find one of the most effective marketing method and achieve the ultimate, so that you can do better.

network marketing and network promotion what is the difference? The former contains the latter, the former is more curve marketing, perhaps you have a series of preparation, overall consideration, planning, layout, you begin to do. Including site planning, copy planning, network marketing, network marketing, etc., while the latter is a straight line marketing, many of which are likely to be able to do out of the surface, not too careful planning. For example, SEO, search engine marketing SEM, there are other paid advertising. Mr. Li Jiacheng said, take the potential, Ming excellent technique, do not know if you can understand, network promotion is more on the "operation", "technique" is the method, but the network marketing is more of the "Tao", "Tao" is the rule of reason. For example, you want to do marketing in which platform, it is necessary to study the rules of the game.

OK, now into the theme, in front of all costs, ha.


first, you need to know who your customers are and basic properties including age, gender, occupation, income and behavior habits, then you have to know your customers in? Such as Baidu, WeChat, QQ group, forum, micro-blog search relevant keywords to find, some customers may have local, for example, if your client is in Guangzhou, so you can’t spread in the country, but the promotion focused on Guangzhou’s potential customers.

through the observation and analysis of Baidu statistics and other relevant webmaster tools, as well as the usual data collection and summary of customer data and draw the above information.

but the most effective and fastest way is to search for the demand, you can in the Baidu index, Baidu, keywords and other tools to search your keywords, as follows:



is then integrated into these groups to understand what they are looking for, what they want to see, what information they need, what resources they need, and in-depth analysis of them by observation

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