Traditional crafts by electricity supplier development order management needs co ordination

speed transit network Southern China on July 12th news, according to the conventional development path of traditional handicraft, has become increasingly unsuited to the needs of modern society, is declining, but through electronic commerce, arts and crafts show the long tail effect, found in various parts of the minority consumers, thus forming a big market in theprocessofrejuvenation.

Shandong Boxing County straw process has

Bay Village decades of history, the village straw technology rely on e-commerce gradually rise. Alibaba group research center Chen Liang visits the following statistical data, bay village, village 1700, shop there are thousands, even roadside shop part-time straw shop, the village has more than and 20 express company.

Chen Liang said that straw technology is popular because of low carbon environmental protection Home Furnishing straw products, features exquisite workmanship, products are its applicability, but also enhance the overall competitiveness of the cluster development of bay village on Taobao.

After the

Bay Village Development electricity supplier, in 2012 the village network sales 100 million yuan, an increase of farmers’ income, improve the villagers’ consumption level, stimulate local consumption; on the other hand, the villagers have their own business, a day job, but also greatly enhance the degree of social harmony.

but at present straw technology development Bay Village face obstacles, namely Bay Village shop’s original ecological development, lack of order, the price competition is more intense. Now the local village to the seller by the government, industry associations, to achieve the orderly development; also hope to be able to establish the network industrial park, this village shop will be able to solve the space problem in development, warehouse, office space is not enough. (Zhang Fan)

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