The frequent high level of product manager work product improvement iteration

this period of time, the mood is "fuck"! Let go of the mood is good or bad, I think about some of the problems of the product – the value of the law. That is to say, whether there is a set of practical methods can make learners learn the truth of the product quickly. Obviously, is wrong! Products from life, exists in the moral life; not work, must not be too! Indeed, nothing mysterious product, that something to do is to let everyone "existence" is more reasonable and convenient. As for the rest, I didn’t think much more!


product manager frequent high – product improvement iteration

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The implementation of

products, products will reproduce why various practice problems in the process of



small products story meanders…

is not all product managers are able to create new products, has been in innovation, or the cycle of the product can be optimized for a long time, but in the face of the existing products are somewhat flustered. Comparison of Niubi product manager had planned product roadmap (Product Roadmap), while the vast majority of people are just demand porters, simply record demand. In the end, it’s just a design product for demand!

The autonomy of the

product manager is very important, how to grasp the scale of most products? Just the product of the porters, act as a fireman role. In fact, the operation allows you to do what you want to add the function of the final result can only be – bloated product, no expansion at all.

needs to be targeted for improvement / development. Any one thing needs to have clear objectives, targeted improvement, more feedback user data to improve the product;

trying to figure out how these features need to be improved, and what is the background of the requirements and issues?

What is the basis for

data?. Many people will data operations, data design… Data feedback is also an excellent way to improve the product. How can a product manager do something about how to solve a problem that needs to be solved?

1 focus on product statistics, communicate with technology, testing, product design and other colleagues to analyze the feasibility of product improvement needs;

2 of the Internet industry, the mobile phone product data is very in place, through the analysis of the data, can be more accurately reflected in the data confirm the problem; instead of There is abundant evidence. >

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