Old words with new meanings the phrase all joking

legend Jinhui Wu Gong, by Qin Qi forces boarded the throne when, towards the minister divided into two factions, one faction is to have Mao and Lu province led by him; one is led by Rick and PI Zheng, secretly support his brother chonger. In order to unify the interior, Hui Gong Zheng to PI in abroad who killed Rick. Later, secret to Tu Anyi to PI Zheng said about how to overthrow the Hui Gong, letting you Tuan Yi bite fingers with their blood oath, they called Zheng Xinzhi associates to induce PI, and then sign a Chonger please return. Results in second days when, if the public is to sign the letter please Chonger as evidence, the PI Zheng a class they all beheaded, therefore, all the ministers from our against all the articles. This is the "end" origin story, later generations explained as a parable does not leak catch or completely eliminate all.

speaking of this idiom story, Jinhui male is really smart, but also the election ah, use unscrupulous divisive tactics jiangshanchao quashed suffering, but also let I deeply appreciate the "end" this idiom. Sometimes, I often think of those modern gangster films, when the police to catch with a group of criminal gangs, usually in the strategic deployment on the declaration said "we have under the cloth when it will be able to catch them all nets above and snares below." This idiom and became famous expression.

recently on the Internet, and see this idiom with very hot, especially in the early days of the university entrance exam, what "English grammar", in mathematics, "wiped out" mathematical catch, what music, delicacy, clothing and other advertising also said. All this had to let me sigh with emotion, the simple phrase, is of far-reaching significance, and we modern people is not negative ancestors live, will be able to use the idiom used so penetrating, just reach the acme of perfection, from advertising slogans, it is shocking. Suddenly from the "read the three hundred Tang poems will not recite poetry." Let me immediately think of "proficient 10 million idiom, not writing is gold." This doggerel. Because advertising can make money, especially the emergence of network advertisement market is everywhere amidst the winds of change.

This idiom is under the

, on the Internet, advertising can catch it? We see the polish eyes take the net, it is up to the idiom most incisive display in the advertising market. First, we use the network language "end" chopped to explain. "Network" is intended to a fishing net, like that, as long as the landing here refers to a website, please note that just a website, but not a lot of brightly coloured website. "Hit" the intention is to seize all, all sweep light, here can put ads on the network in all walks of life, but also can be in the city.

second, take net advertising how to catch it? This knowledge is great, how to snare, the main control is composed of advertising business heroes to show. But here revealed some secret powers, is a magical keyword advertising, the words like idioms as formula, simple and easy to remember.

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