Wang Sicong and the one step war of words ugliness psychological effect negative imaginary marketin

Wang Sicong and the "one step" regardless of whether it will end up with the war of words and words, but the 170 million amount of reading on micro-blog # one step away from Wang Sicong # does get war topic "achievement" the psychological ugliness breeds negative marketing mode, which can not blame ourselves, clearly know, poor, ugly it is bad, can not help but watch and comment,



recently national husband Wang Sicong a micro-blog "seen" one step "of children’s shoes, congratulations… Survived the robbery." To start a new round of tear force slobber war, but also to the opening stand in the one step in the teeth of the storm "" send "finally".

but according to insiders broke the news, in order to get the publisher, Wanda issued 1 billion yuan of insurance at the box office, and paid 30%, but to this day, the cumulative box office "one step" but 450 million, and China has dropped to 15% or so, the box office to break through 1 billion, almost no longer possible, can until 700 million is lucky.

but as Wanda shaodonggu, Wang Sicong demolished his Taiwan, because innuendo with shame, or because of "one step" also failed at the box office, show "decorum" Wanda official attitude, or in the "micro love" "tiger" and other new year movie clip hit the issuer and the producers with speculation last ditch


under the impression created negative psychological ugliness marketing mode of

if a single peep film, "one step" perhaps some real situation Chinese mapping, this paper’s seven outbreak, its rich men’s sons Wu garden, to the real society gave a slap in the face, but also as a kind of art form of the value of the film. But the funny thing is "one step" party attitude provoked investment Wanda childe, you hit my face, I will Sike in the end, even if no face down image, also have a "Frank" in Wang Gongzai this straightforward Sike, the story gradually became "you silly ×" "you fool ×" the cycle of recrimination, constantly rumbling merry ha onlookers to see a joke, just be "aesthetic as ugly, as idol vomit as" the ugly era topic.

those shocking, only a short while ago, people Speechless "ray ray language" full network screens occupy; Fengjie, Sister Lotus, red became the focus of news "ugly" began to have a new value, no longer need to hide, can even be confident and exaggeration to show, beauty will dispel to people outside the field of vision the society began to enter the national, "the ugly era", the protagonists all have killer, not afraid of shocking thunder dead people, for fame, a variety of tricks weird limelight, the image and dignity lost the bottom line of ethics and speculation, become a spoof of fame and fortune trump. To become a hot topic, as led the trend, as opponents also started out seckill, 90 graduates out scary, selling sex toys, 90 boy motionless to 1 hundred million to the staff, "ray ray language".

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