Online promotion why love beauty captures the grass root user pain points

hand travel, page tour, online games three types of games, in the process of promoting the game, no doubt all like to use beauty as a spokesperson, in the game ads often appear to play a variety of cosplay sister. The game company why so interested in beauty, is to seize the many grass root user pain points, game player in male dominated, especially after 80, 90 groups. But this group to income is not high Dediao wire game player, so the use of beauty promotion game, game player is sure to attract eyeballs.

wearing outlandish costume beauty on the street, turn the natural rate is very high, for a new game just on the line, promotion in place is doomed to failure. The domestic game market fierce competition, the big fish eat small fish eat small shrimp, although the number of game companies, but the strength of the less. There are many game companies are extremely difficult to survive, so we must find ways to promote the efforts of the link. Implanted in the ad beauty elements, no matter when and where, can make a big eye, in other words is to increase the exposure of the game advertising.

now has a lot of games on the site advertising, but these forms of advertising before the game is different, there are many self timer video. Star is usually collocation beauty and grass root man, content like the plot of the game show, such as: actor by doing the task understanding of beauty. Although the video is very short, but such a live video show, advertising effect is really good, or simply find a celebrity endorsement. Compared with the picture or text ads, dynamic micro video is more vivid, more important is to attract attention, if you can not do the site’s advertising to attract access, then the promotion effect is certainly very poor.

how to promote the game in order to achieve better marketing results, in addition to the production of reality show micro video, there are many other ways to promote the line. There will always be a game company with the Internet cafes, Internet cafes to help promote the new game, because there are always a lot of people in the Internet cafes to play games. Each city has a large and small Internet cafes are very large, if the Internet cafes in the promotion of the game products, then it is undoubtedly a point of precision marketing. Or make a beautiful reality show in various Internet cafes, estimated there will be a lot of grass root game player onlookers, everyone has the heart of beauty.

beauty effect can not be ignored, especially when the object of promotion is grass root male, just to meet the psychological needs of this part of the game player. Therefore, the promotion of the game must always be beautiful, coupled with humor, funny content plot, enough to deepen the impression. The advertising effect is much better than the rigid implants, so marketing have to cater to the psychological needs of the target object, otherwise it will be less effective.

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