Mobile nternet Marketing Trends


if mention before the mobile internet marketing, it is estimated that many people will think of the first time SMS marketing". Although this approach is more mature and can bring some effect, but also allow consumers to overuse too tired. With the continuous improvement of the performance of the mobile terminal, LBS (location based services) and AR (virtual reality) technology matures, the mobile internet marketing to bring unlimited possibilities, but also for advertisers to bring new surprises. The mobile Internet advertising potential should not be underestimated.

mobile Internet advertising advantage

CNNIC data show that as of the end of December 2011, China mobile phone users reached 356 million, intelligent mobile phone users reached 190 million, penetration rate reached 53.4%. Such a wide audience, will make mobile marketing as one of the most important marketing tools.

marketing is the essence of "seize the time for consumers, mobile advertising just appeared in the debris of time in the eyes of the people, these fragments of time together, constitute the whole time, mobile internet marketing value has been fully embodied in the debris of time.

for mobile marketing, a mobile phone represents only one audience, mobile devices, uniqueness is the premise of precision marketing. Through user behavior analysis and data mining, advertisers and consumers can achieve one to one communication.

mobile devices with other advertising carriers do not have the interaction, the user can watch the video through the mobile phone, call, send text messages, browse the web, download the program and other acts.

mobile device screen is relatively small, which determines the characteristics of the audience is more likely to focus on advertising information, but to get better marketing results.

mobile phone APP has become an important channel for brand advertising communication

with the development of smart phones, mobile APP (that is, mobile client, including mobile phone software or mobile games) has become a new channel for brand advertisers to spread. Abroad, hundreds of brand advertising has developed its own APP, and to promote the operation. For example, Durex baby plan APP, install the application, you will have to take care of a baby is a very hard thing, and he will inform you Facebook friends – you when Dad / mom; the only way to stop baby is to buy a box of Durex products, and scan two-dimensional code above the application of the creative; very good interpretation of the value of the product.

in China, Volkswagen, rural commercial bank also help partners have their own mobile phone client. Provide brand mobile marketing services in the domestic institutions, rice has the product design and creative team, will disseminate information and user preferences for advertisers with customized professional brand APP, assist the main occupation of mobile phone desktop advertising, establish a long-term communication with consumers. The rural commercial bank as an example, rice has combined >