Baidu library marketing practical experience

Baidu library as Baidu’s well-known products, the marketing effect has not been the webmaster identity, in fact if the scientific and rational use of Baidu library publicity, often play an unexpected effect in this regard, we must first analyze the use of Baidu library marketing has what advantage.

is the first to know that Baidu library is a knowledge platform, but compared to the Baidu encyclopedia, the difficulty of the audit is relatively small, and even some advertising text covers Baidu Library of articles, will not easily be removed. And knowledge content on Baidu library is easy to get, as long as you set free to share, then it can be easier for others to download and use, so you can make your advertisement information publicity out, so as to effectively reduce marketing costs, but also can enhance the advertising appeal and recognition, after all out from Baidu the content, its reliability is often more easily accepted by consumers.

how can easily upload their own success in Baidu library with knowledge of the contents of the advertisements? You know the only Baidu library through the audit you write the content, can be downloaded by others, so as to enhance the marketing effect! This can proceed from the following points.

first to register as many as possible. This has two advantages, one is to enhance the number of Baidu library upload, of course, also help to improve the passing rate of Baidu library. Generally require more than 60 registered accounts, and the current Baidu library registration account is free. So there’s no need to worry about spending money. When a document editor, insert the corresponding reasonable advertising content, these advertisements don’t seem reasonable to abrupt. In addition to upload, while using multiple accounts to upload, upload the title or the same, otherwise will be prompted to upload the same content, and these titles are different, but the core idea should be consistent, otherwise it is irrelevant too. Even if some of these accounts can not upload success, other accounts may still be able to succeed.

second, to learn so. It is said that if you want to promote your keywords, improve your upload exposure, then use some other popular search content upload is necessary, of course, should pay attention to re write the content, the first Baidu library content download popular keywords, then these keywords replace keywords in your company then, the content of smooth degree of repair, and finally through the multiple accounts to upload, so you can make these with your company’s popular keyword content coverage has been uploaded content, so as to enhance your company in Baidu Library of the exposure

third, the content of the document to be targeted optimization. Especially with advertising such as web site information content, usually takes the form of words into the URL is often not easy to audit, however if the image format of Web site information, is more likely to be passed, such as explaining the relevant content NOUN when you need to introduce the extended link >