Smart TV war tells us how to do marketing

in 2013 this year after the outbreak of the Internet TV, the living room is intensified after the war, millet, music television, Taobao, HUAWEI and other large enterprises launched the "box", and a "box" surfaced. In March 4th, thunder member joint blockbuster released red box, rush into the field of smart tv. It is really exciting, every one of US Internet users are concerned about their development.

from various manufacturers also use this market share to exhaust all the skills from the bosom. Look at the picture below you will know the power of the various manufacturers a smart TV on the key words, since there are nearly ten million news, attention is not included in the news page. Its tragic extent can be imagined. Internet TV is undoubtedly a hot topic, is the focus of attention in the industry.

in such a fierce competition, who can successfully stand out. The company’s operations, is not the most successful, their products are not the most successful? Their camp network marketing is not the most successful? We are not able to find how they operate? What strategy? And how to promote? This industry can use this kind of method, I grafted to the other whether the industry can succeed? With the analysis method of the industry, if we analyze other industries? We want to become a network marketing master, this is not a quick way to


what can we find out from this battle?

1, the manufacturers in what they snatch


millet, music, Taobao, HUAWEI, they are competing for an entrance close to the user, that is, because we all want to watch TV. So, this tells us that no matter what we do, we must put this in the core position.

2, why do these manufacturers will follow suit to launch their own fat TV

is only one purpose, more manufacturers in the smart TV deployed, more user education. Users will have to buy wind impulse, as the saying goes, does not stand alone. In fact, the manufacturers are jointly speculation can know this thing. From this point of view, they are winning, so there will be a variety of price war. Price war. This is to let the industry fire up, so that everyone knows the industry. Educate users.

3, who can win in the end? What win?

who can win in the end. I do not know, I do not know what way to win, but I know, we must let users like their products, who can give users a reason to like their own, then who can win. This requires that we always observe their own moves. The user is also a good education, we all know that fat fat TV this thing. Victory is the real gun. To attract users. You can use the price, you can use the price. In short, users like the point, and then on the point of force on it. In fact, the reality of the event is our teacher. >