Wang Tong different from the theory of pasture and fish pond


I sent a copy of my personal public number, only a few thousand views, can be directly traded hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the same article, sent to the crowd is also very accurate from the media account, the conversion rate is not high.


the main reason is that there is no trust based, so most of them are most willing to add WeChat, but do not want to direct payment order.

WeChat Internet ranch model in the

School of Qin consultation, there are four stages:

first step, pull new

second step, raise cooked

third steps, turnover

fourth step, fission

the second step is: raise cooked

this is a very important aspect, but also the biggest difference with the theory of fish ponds.

The core of

‘s theory is to fish, and then fish, eat fish;

The core of

theory is a cattle ranch, and milk, not to kill.

how to pasture cattle, you need to constantly give you the origin of feed, apply to individuals from the media operations, is to continue to share valuable benefit for the reader to dry cargo.

took my personal media, there is often a lot of readers free content, then apply to their own actual work, soon earned a lot of money, then they will be happy to buy me a new natural course or service.

For example,

yesterday had a friend visit, he said to see my blog from the student, in a chat with my assistant online, then after graduation to open his own brand planning company, focused on the promotion of entertainment later.

Now many famous movie stars and

, he did all the promotion on the Internet, then he and I talk, I found that his foundation is very good, with some senior marketing strategy, his career can be further enlarged, then we will have some in-depth cooperation.

today in the group saw a student at the "tips" value of the package, and then use their own foreign trade business, just a week, to earn $100 thousand, then he signed up on more advanced courses.

raise, this is a very important link;

as long as the mature, in order to solve the trust problem, solve the trust problem, the transaction naturally relaxed.

on the evening of 15, I will continue to tell the fifth copy in the WeChat group in the master planning courses, this course, I will integrate some new content, teach you how to use a set of sales turnover strategy to quickly solve this problem.

at the same time, we will continue to teach copywriter planning, brand copy model, advertising copy model, soft copy model, product >