The reason for the instability of the shared server or the slow opening of the site

      1, the user can not be your site to do the appropriate location, select host is not suitable for their own site, for example a IP1 million sites, we recommend that customers need 10 people flat-share server, some households to save money or from other considerations, with the 80 people flat-share server, so that not only their own access to the affected site led to other sites with server are also affected, many of the "Service Unavailable" problem is therefore the. The site of yourself we recommend that users can calm down, don’t give your site chuanxiaoxie, this site will be affected in the development process. Before buying the best advice to our sales staff, choose their own space.

      2, flat-share host does not recommend a large number of downloads, online broadcast site storage, this type of site, the independent host is a relatively good choice. Some users of the site, site traffic is not itself, but the share of resources is amazing, this resource hotlinking is a problem to be solved first, download files, music files, pictures are very likely to be hotlinked, good security chain measures is to ensure a stable security site. In addition to the collection, static operation is also a very important resource, we recommend avoiding the use of the network peak.

      3, some users may store a space or even dozens of sets of sets of procedures, such resources is also very obvious, some users often love some space program to debug, meet the program in question, CPU on the 100%, the site opened slowly is self-evident, we to remind the user, try to ensure that their space program is complete, safe, upload, do best in the first test. At present some common statistical system may also have a larger proportion of the resources, to avoid the use of a ACCESS element or MSSQL database is corrupted or incomplete also lead to CPU100%, so we maintain our site is responsible for their own website on the same server and other users of a website.