Let old customers again consumption method optical shop example

seems to write a long log is not good, you look at the laborious, I write also laborious.

someone said I was too messy yesterday.

I think it’s true.

yesterday I was inside the log point concept pin.

yesterday I talked about a small example of the example of our lives.

mobile send you a value of five thousand pieces of mobile phones, but you have to spend at least $5000 a year in the bill, so he gave you the phone, because they seek is your long-term consumption. This is the lock pin. The simple idea is that once a purchase decision is made, you are spending more than once.

I think I would like to share with you to share some practical marketing methods, or you see my life diary is no use.

today to tell you how to make your old customers to become your customers, to achieve a second purchase.

I give you an example of the story, so that it is easier to understand, that the theory of great truth, sometimes I do not understand.

take glasses shop to give you analysis.

an optical shop, business is not good, then how to do it?

I give you step by step to make use of the marketing of old customers to do a plan.

glasses shop must have their own customers, is in the store before buying glasses. So how do these old customers to buy again?

first need to meet a condition.

we start from scratch.

take a just into the store customers to do the case.

the first time someone in your store has just bought a pair of glasses, how can we ensure that we can continue to buy


we need to get in touch with this new customer.

the most practical contact or phone number.

asks him to leave his phone number when the customer pays.

how to stay?

you can ask her to fill out a form of customer information, the reason to think about it, like a birthday message.

asked her to fill in a few messages:

first, name. So that we can know what our customer name is.

second, the phone is very important, so that they again on the consumption of this.

third, birthday, this is also very useful.

fourth, with glasses time.

fill it out, that’s all.

this customer, has now become a customer in you, even if it is an old customer, how to let him