From now on will focus on remediation non standard blog

From now until September, Beijing will launch a special action to combat Internet pornography, focusing on cleaning up online pornographic audio-visual programs, a variety of disturbing social order rumors. Yesterday, the Beijing public security, culture, communication and other 9 departments, held a special task to combat network pornography deployment will be revealed, the news.

according to reports, at present, Beijing broadband Internet, network audio and video programs, blogs and peer to peer networks and other Internet technologies, the development of fast. But recently, pornographic activities on the Internet, as well as some serious harm to social order, affect the social stability of harmful information, an increase and spread of potential. There are pornographic performances on the Internet, download and dissemination of pornographic movies, animation and novels, published the picture, not fit to be seen yellow vulgar words and audio-visual information. In this regard, the masses reacted strongly, the relevant departments must take measures to improve.

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, the special action, the site has focused on the number of Internet users, more clues to the area, as the key areas. The relevant departments will focus on cleaning up the online dissemination of pornographic audio-visual programs, pictures, novels, as well as the color of Liuhe, the sale of contraband, and disrupt social order rumors, insults, slander and other harmful information.

Beijing police official said, the order of online information service security management this action will focus on remediation of audio-visual programs, online chat rooms, electronic publications, forum, blog, WAP, website hosting and virtual space, mainly to solve the problem of not implementing small websites, forums, chat rooms and small little blog management responsibility, actively to promote the construction of Internet management mechanism.