WeChat how to reduce the amount of attention to cancel

WeChat for us, we are most difficult to solve is the amount of attention to cancel our fans, this is a very troublesome thing. Because we are not easy to attract fans, all of a sudden to cancel the attention, this for us to do in front of the efforts are in vain.

do not know if you have to think about our fans, why my attention we will cancel attention? It can through our content to our attention, this means he is our content of interest, so we will pay attention to, we say, by sharing out the content, only 10%-15% will be transformed into our fans. So the data is poor.

so why would the fans stop paying attention to us,


first: our content is not attractive enough

we said that our fans are concerned about us because of our content, so they cancel the attention to us, so long that our content is not good enough. This is like our men look like the beautiful woman looks like a figure from the back is very good, there are some thoughts inside the heart, but the one to see this, decisively abandoned, the mentality is not the idea. Our fans as well, probably by a content you feel very good, so long as you click in attention, but view the history of news for you, it is not the case, then to his thinking this is not what I want, it will direct your attention to cancel. I think we all have their own experience, not what they want, then it will not have much interest in the production, only what they want, then we will cherish. This is also the home of our men said, the red flag does not fall, the colorful flags fluttering outside. For you, you see what a good selectivity, which we will love, is also a fan, he is concerned, certainly more than you, so what the content is good then you will go to the long-term concern, will be directly deleted, other concerned to cancel the attention, because in his heart inside it was of no value.

second: automatic reply is not enough to attract

attention to our fans, our public number is not the first to see our history news, but automatically reply to us, each of US public numbers are set up automatic reply, when the fans concern you, then the automatic reply message will first time sent to the fans. It is possible to see the "welcome attention to WeChat * * * * ‘for the fans is of no significance, the fans will not have much interest in. So how should we set up? In general, we all need to do some recent popular content, our recent push the popular content to pick up, and make a copy, the word reply, then we can add in the message recovery such as the recent popular keywords such as. So if the fans like it, then it will be