Russia’s famous portal nearly 100 million user information leaked passwords can easily be viewed


technology news Beijing time on September 7th morning news, Russian portal website and email provider has recently been exposed suffered hacker attacks, resulting in a large number of users leaked data.



LeakedSource site has a copy of the internal user database. The site noted that the attack took place in February 17, 2012. The database includes 98 million 100 thousand account user name, e-mail address, social account data, and password. Unlike other data breaches, these passwords are stored in plaintext, meaning that anyone inside the company can easily check the password.

occurred on the scale of the use of plaintext to save the password data leak from the Russian social networking site, when a total of 171 million user account information leakage.

in addition to, in 2012 LinkedIn and also had a data breach, and MySpace and Tumblr in a similar accident occurred in 2013.

LeakedSource said that the leaked data has been verified and added to the searchable database. is the world’s largest web site, as well as one of Russia’s most visited sites. The site was founded in 1996 to provide search, news, e-mail and advertising services, is one of the most important sites in the Russian Internet industry. The company’s competitors include Yandex and (Wei Jin)

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