Cow station nanny predicted lifetime free

has been tested for 3 days in addition to cattle station statistics on the first day of the test statistics to create a myth statistics on the flow 110 thousand, also repeatedly broke the surprise, many webmasters may not think before the test, less than half the time, the function and effect of data statistics of the cattle station lifting it over business statistics in their mind the imagination.

The person in charge of the

site and the reporter contacted the cattle station statistics, statistics by cattle station responsible person understands that the cattle station current statistics data and the number of users is still in a rising trend, and in order to make statistics and site owners to contact more with viscosity, cattle station statistics official cattle station statistics will launch a a nanny, we also personally experienced the functional effect of cattle station.

The person in charge of

cattle station statistics pointed out that the main function of the nanny cattle station is a single, just as the site stability detection and server status monitoring, currently supports E-MAIL, suggesting that MSN tips (chat window tips), QQ (temporary support QQ mailbox, the latter will develop QQ chat window prompt)


(mailbox prompt, when the site appears to visit the failure or recovery from the fault can be accessed to receive prompt mail)


(joined the cattle station nanny MSN, when the site appears to visit the fault or recover from the fault, you can receive a chat window prompt)

cattle station statistics official told reporters that the cattle station nanny is currently in the internal test function, such as cattle station statistics official use, cattle station function will also provide a nanny webmaster, and the charges, said free cattle station in charge of statistics is inevitable, but must be discussed China cow webmaster core members to obtain a free


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