Everyone was arrested for insider exposure film strike subtitles group

from the beginning of last Friday afternoon, everyone appeared in the film and television website inaccessible situation, there are a lot of users on micro-blog feedback on this issue.

to Saturday, everyone can visit the film and television, but it hung up the site is cleaning up the contents of the announcement. Netizens think everyone in the film the face of copyright issues in the future, want to download TV in all film and television has become impossible.

so, why everyone in the film was seized? In fact as early as Saturday night, Baidu all TV bar bar owners seven celestial ang gives us the answer.

the LORD had inside information from everyone in the film: November 21st day everyone film seized 5 servers, direct broadcasting is to go to law enforcement seized, and because everyone in the film management team could not come back in Canada, so the server directly buckle.

survey is said to be the "unauthorized translation of film," the LORD said this is actually to "blow subtitles group", "no future introduction of film translation is not allowed to Chinese".

in addition to all film and television, it is said that other subtitles and overseas film and television resources station is also within the scope of the fight. This is not the shooter is closed, do not know who will be the next.


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