The new website is video website safe harbor small website insulation

video site supervision of the new regulations set up the chain site and the chain site should bear joint tort liability

Admin5 station network January 4th news, recently, the national copyright administration, General Administration of press and publication of the video site "on the active supervision informed about the situation", April 25, 2011, the Copyright Office notification list and the authorization request submitted 18 websites of 1800 film and television drama documents submitted to the final actual 1581 film and television drama list, 1206 film show the authorization certificate. In the actual certification documents submitted, fully meet the requirements of the 282, accounting for about 23.4% of the total number of actual submission. Among them, Chinese Film Copyright Association and the American Film Institute of Beijing Representative Office of verification found that PPLIVE,, storm, the popularity of the network, cool 6 network, uusee, Piero many other web sites using the 16 film and television drama without authorization. In the stage of supervision, uusee and VERYCD network overall performance is poor, it is included in the warning list, and proposed rectification requirements of the two sites, two months after the situation has not improved, will be blacklisted, and start the investigation procedure. Thunder network will be included in the warning list, the national copyright administration will focus on its supervision.

video site regulatory policy in the past, basically just upload video site supervision. The initiative to inform the regulatory authorities explicitly expressed for the site to jump video regulatory approach. VERYCD as the largest P2P download sharing platform, has been in the upper reaches of copyright policy regulation. In recent years, due to audio-visual licensing and copyright issues facing rectification. Last year, VERYCD will be on the site of movie resources under the frame, leaving only part of the music, information, resources and data transformation of television animation, and video sharing sites, although the preservation of some resources to download, but home is basically a chain of online video world. The rectification, VERYCD network and other video sites claiming to provide only jump technical services, does not provide the content of the film and television drama, trying to enter the safe havens to circumvent copyright disputes and administrative supervision. The copyright bureau gives the instructions are mainly three points, one is the jump, link, search the specified site video and search station is no different. Two video sites are linked to the video if there is infringement, the site should also assume responsibility for the chain. Three is to set up the chain site should also be the same as the web site to provide video Click and search the top 50 list of a total review. The VeryCD, thunder and other sites did not follow the provisions of the rectification, it was blacklisted. In the past many of these sites by way of cooperation with the content of chain of video sites, and the notice of a thunder, VeryCD and other sites, set up the chain or jump through intention to search a way to escape the video copyright supervision of the "safe harbor" will be difficult to exist.

website to play the "edge ball" small sites and video basic insulation

most of the current domestic video sites have begun large-scale piracy and genuine Road, such as potatoes, Youku and other video sites not only for users to upload the video site audit strictly, for

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