Adsense network broadcast Baidu into the Chinese market Windows 10 search engine registration networ

1 Microsoft and Baidu announced that Baidu has become the Chinese market Windows search engine

September 24, 2015, Microsoft and Baidu in the Reid Washington Richmond officially announced strategic cooperation, Baidu will become the default home and search engine market Chinese Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browser, give the user a more convenient search service. At the same time, Baidu will also be Windows 10 through train to provide Windows download service to upgrade the 10.

in the global market, including China, genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices are free to upgrade to Windows 10. Baidu will launch Windows 10 train to help Chinese Internet users to easily download and install Windows 10, to provide users with a safe and seamless Windows upgrade experience in 10. Chinese Internet users on the Baidu platform search and Win10 related keywords, will be linked to Baidu upgrade assistant Windows 10 through train".

2 registered network announced $394 million financing and renamed micro medical group

September 24th morning news, registered network announced a new $394 million round of financing, by Hillhouse capital, Goldman Sachs investment led, Fosun, Tencent, China Development Finance joint venture.

financing, registered net plans to invest $300 million in the construction of the national Internet grading treatment platform, investment of $150 million ($94 million, from the current round of financing from the company’s reserve funds in an additional $56 million) in the five regional operation center national and excellent medical institutions to build, provide tours of medical and health services for 110 million medicine group users online.

3 Amoy point: sorry, spent 5 billion, did not hit a now

in 2010, when he was president of Taobao Lu Zhaoxi (ALI group’s former CEO) proposed the idea of Taobao’s own business – horse racing program. Amoy little was born in this plan.

in the domestic O2O market is still the night time, Amoy little have set way; but the 5 billion sell out, such as tide, only to find himself in the nude.

gas field consistency is really important, so is between people and people, companies and business as well.

Ali O2O strategy 1.0

said Amoy little, will have to mention word of mouth network.

June 2004, Ali employees Li Zhiguo quit the creation of word of mouth network.

4 is a precious metals trading platform fraud fraud: secret color gold and silver high leverage


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