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2008, online social networking sites will continue to attract the attention of Internet users and advertisers, but in the past has developed software for social networking software developers, said they are concerned about the decline.

, such as MySpace, Facebook and Google in 2007, a total of $1 billion invested in advertising sales in. The social networking sites to help improve the flow of plug developers do not see too much revenue, in part because they do not have effective data to prove how many users use their products. Venture capital organization VantagePoint Venture Partners partner Duncan. Davidson (Duncan), said: social networking sites to create a lot of views, but no one can accurately determine their profitability. Now, it’s all in the experiment."

Market Research Organization comScore wants to end the mystery. Taking into account that many of the ways users track web sites are industry standards, comScore will use the revised approach for advertisers, software developers and investors to better understand how many users use their programs. According to the new plan, comScore said that in November 2007 about 586 million Internet users using plug-in software, which is higher than the comScore estimate in July last year, nearly more than two times. Last time, comScore used the old system, comScore plans to launch a new plug-in data in mid January.

what’s the difference? At the very beginning, comScore will use Facebook social networking site activity data. This new method is only valid because it can effectively record how many users use a plug-in. ComScore old system can only track the use of the Adobe system’s Flash software. Of course, this approach also played a big role, because Flash has developed many of the plug-ins we use today. However, this method does not work on the Facebook site, because the site is not automatically loaded Flash animation.

comScore organization of the newly developed software tools can be calculated by the JavaScript language development of various plug-ins. The group also plans to use Google’s plug-in software in future research. The vice president linda. Abraham (Linda Abraham), said the new data for software developers and businesses to provide a clear data, that is, what users are using their plug-ins, the frequency of how they use these plug-ins.

The development of the two Silicon Valley

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