Henan Huangchuan a young start up company profit of first instance jailed for 10 years

who had just graduated a year undergraduates majoring in computer science, this should be a director to serve the society, but in order to earn money, even use their professional knowledge for pornographic websites, the harm to others. The day before the court of Huangchuan County of Henan province to disseminate pornographic materials, sentenced the youth 10 years imprisonment and fined 5000 yuan.

According to reports, in July 2009, just graduated from the University of Fujian youth Huang Mengtao work in the gap in the county of Huangchuan, has registered a two domain name on a U.S. website. In February 2010, web storage space and buy physical address from a technology website in the United States, established "Mommy video website, the 158 collection of pornographic video files on the Internet uploaded to its website. Subsequently, through links, links, exchange traffic, etc., with 128 other pornographic sites to establish links.

in order to attract users click, Huang Mengtao also announced website webmaster contact QQ, message board, and provided specifically for playback, download the software tools on the site, the convenience of users on pornographic audio files for viewing and downloading.

at the same time, Huang Mengtao also worked through a registered account in a number of ads on the site launched QQ instant messaging, use a pop-up window, click on the link, the advertising to your web page, access to advertising revenue from.

final court trial found that by the end of March 11, 2010, the web page accessed more than 117 times the total, making obscene content widely disseminated on the Internet; from February 2010 to March, Huang Mengtao rely on open yellow website profit 1065.46 yuan.

after the court held that Huang Mengtao for the purpose of profit, the use of the Internet to disseminate pornographic electronic information, the site was hit by more than one million times, especially serious circumstances. The above judgment.