Taobao alleged bribery 22 stores shut down small Alibaba

sina science and technology news on January 29th afternoon news, Alibaba group today in an open letter, announced the closure of the 22 platforms on a permanent basis to reap the benefits of improper means merchants shop. This is the second since last March announced the closure of 26 illegal shops since another move.

open letter disclosure, individual businesses in violation of the principle of honesty, through friends, classmates, relatives and friends of the ball with two relationships, two functions by Ali for their own benefit to. These acts constitute unfair profit, if the circumstances are serious or even touched the bottom line of the law, in accordance with regulations to be permanently closed shop.

The person responsible for the integrity of the Ministry of

Ali, the 22 shops were permanently closed, 4 Tmall stores, 18 Taobao stores. The person in charge for two typical cases of corruption. The first case is: some businesses have "money" idea at a reception on the second normal Ali visited, and sent express to each other through a bank card and phone card password, second on the spot refused and report to the company integrity department.

second cases, the merchant’s lesson is more painful: the business is not only a permanent closure of the store, but also because of alleged bribery of non national staff, was held criminally responsible. It is understood that this shop responsible person was born in a rural family, after attending a prestigious university capital, there is a period of electricity providers do great performance in Ali platform, but in the end because there is no commercial bribery to hold the bottom line, second, eventually pay a heavy price, a clutch of wrist.

open letter said, recently, the Alibaba will be for the majority of businesses recruit "integrity Ali electricity supplier platform supervisor, welcome the strict supervision of the whole society, then the specific recruitment information to the public.

recently, more about Ali "second" unspoken rule of the rumors appeared on the network. Alibaba in today’s open letter to remind businesses, do not believe the Internet under the banner of "package activities under the banner of the so-called" former employee agent "" insiders "argument, Ali will continue to work with the public security department back investigation, to prevent the occurrence of such fraud cases.

Alibaba for corruption zero tolerance! For the attempt to take a shortcut, loopholes, and even try to bribe to seek illegitimate interests of businesses and undermine the market order and challenge the credit line businesses, never, Alibaba will resolutely exclude its in Ali electricity supplier ecosystem cooperation! "Open letter in the letter addressed to the network platform and all create the ecological, Alibaba group reiterated that the iron fisted anti-corruption determination.

according to reports, once merchants found Ali employees any violations, can at any time through the integrity reporting platform ( report.

the following is the full text of the penalty announcement:

penalty notice

you merchants, all ecological co creators:

Following the March 24, 2015

for 26 illegal businesses released punishment public