There are reasons to be there

from Baidu after a personality change last year, many owners began to discuss the problem of survival of garbage station, many pessimistic friends think that garbage station will not survive, individual owners of the future is confused, I can not help but think of a word: "this time the existence of any thing has its reason, what is the garbage station the reason for the existence of hate? Baidu," brother "hurt," mother "do not love the garbage station survive also? Three months ago, with this let care-laden personal webmaster doubt, I started my new job: To explore the value of


is my object of study is rubbish station, but I work is a regular commercial station, because I know, in order to explore the value of garbage station, I must know the regular station and common station and different point, a few months down at hundreds of sites, the selection of a few characteristics site:


fund net: a few meters network ( ALEXA ranked 10 thousand.

I found a strange situation in ALEXA data analysis of this station, the BLOG channel accounted for only 2% of the proportion of the site visit, I believe we all know, BLOG is mainly in the original content users mainly by the search engine’s favorite because every day a large number of high quality original content. Sina’s blog channel accounted for 16% of sina site visits, SOHO is as high as 27%. The same as the financial Sina blog also accounted for 19% of its website. Driven by curiosity, I opened a few meters network blog channel, the middle of the page, the latest blog called out, I thought: This is conducive to search engine included the latest release of the article, with good! I opened the content page. After a simple view, I found –TITLE a low-level SEO problem on the station; the station is not TITLE to the title of the article is TITLE, but perhaps this problem; many friends will not pay attention to, because someone once mentioned that the best SEO is not SEO; but there is such a large number of individual owners: they have high professional knowledge, but they can change some simple procedures, they don’t have good ability to bring traffic to hype their own website, but they know a little SEO, they even can’t write a decent fund articles, but they can collect 10 fund website. What’s more you can also engage in a small plug-in update in the regular site the next second will be the site of the collected content on our website, this is a group of people, they have endless night, endless learning, cheating, K, improved cheat again, again by K, they are a pack of wolves Internet network, their brutality and their diligence, let the eight hour white-collar workers feel unbelievable. This is a pack of wolves, they bite the leader in the domestic fund website, I have done a test, the standing of the word does not turn copied elsewhere, then you can be found in almost all search, search for the title of the article, you can row to a few meters before the net >