nternet safety day Baidu accelerated capital Osteoform banner of anti safety responsibilities

nearly a year, can each CCTV news reports, see the country is firmly crackdown Internet Security issue. The first is by President Xi Jinping as the central network and information security team leader, to CCTV news on a variety of potentially dangerous Internet security, a profound follow-up reports, which is an important step towards China network and information security national strategy. Beijing as the capital of Chinese, by the end of 2013, the total amount of the record site up to more than 90 million, the total number of sites occupied 1/5, and gathered more than 70% of the country’s major portals, which firmly laid the status of Beijing as the most important national science and Technology Innovation Center, is worthy of the name "network of". The day before, the Beijing municipal government officially in April 29th of each year as the capital of network security day, and today we officially usher in the Internet Security festival.

the capital network safety day "theme" with the burden of network security, network sharing life, advocating the capital of all walks of life and the Internet enterprise and Internet users together to improve network security awareness, assume responsibility for network security, network maintenance of social order. CCTV news audience attention is not difficult to find, in recent years, an Internet security company in Beijing, Beijing know that the creation of Yu frequently appear in the news. Whether it is from the beginning of the router vulnerability report, or to the presence of a potential vulnerability of the home camera exposure, and then to the DedeCMS vulnerability repeatedly repair more than the news, you can always see the figure of the creation of yu. Baidu’s accelerated music products, but also the first to defend the recent OpenSSL’s devastating loophole, but also with a number of P2P platform to create a net loan security system. Not only that, the 2013 Asian Youth Games, the ninth Chinese International Garden Expo, Fortune Global Forum and other major events, security defense measures are dispatched Baidu acceleration music site, to ensure the smooth development of. Beijing, a number of government agencies and large enterprises are loyal users of Baidu acceleration Music: the people’s Bank of China, China Republic Ministry of public security, the State Council China government procurement network, the Ministry of industry, the State Bureau of foreign experts, the national Internet Emergency center……

as the networks in Beijing, there is too much like Beijing Chong Yu know such outstanding enterprises, like Baidu has too much music as possible to accelerate doubly trusted security products. The life of people dependent on the network increasing, network security impact on the community is also well improved, while Baidu has the responsibility to accelerate the music has the ability to carry the banner of the network security, the capital of Beijing for the establishment of the green ecological network environment make unremitting efforts.