Ordering website follow Baidu PPC to push some businesses out

today, more and more college students tend to rise in the online meal ordering, ordering website to attract a lot of college, around the food and beverage merchants settled. But after a period of time, some merchants chose to quit, because the ordering network like Baidu implemented bidding rules, only more money to attract business.

some people favor someone abandoned

at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology campus in the military road "good and sweet" western fast food shop, POS a laptop computer and one side is particularly conspicuous, whenever there are students in the online takeout, the computer will send a "bite", then a single takeaway printed automatically. Store staff told reporters, "good and sweet" with a "hungry" ordering website cooperation, expand the user from the internet. "Nice and sweet" online meal ordering turnover is very good, "we basically have a day online orders sixty or seventy, average every 20 yuan, the staff said.

"hungry" website is a graduate student in 2008 Jiaotong University led the team into the first venture, in the university campus pilot, after getting high popularity, universities gradually cover to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places of the five.

but not all businesses are as lucky as good and sweet. Also at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, some of the stores opened online meal ordering service, sales have not been improved significantly. Like the open outside the "porridge", "Mount Huangshan Zhoujiazui Road," the responsible person told reporters have similar expressions, and these stores generally not high popularity itself. We shop online orders 300 yuan a day to $400, accounting for the proportion of our total turnover is very small, porridge bar boss said.

online is not enough to attract users, at the same time feel to pay the ordering website service fee is high, so some businesses choose to exit. "A lot of the store out of the online meal ordering system," a food shop owner told reporters.

"hungry" website of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Jungong road responsible person Zhang said, "hungry" website to collect fees for each store every 13 to 18 yuan, "University of Shanghai for Science and Technology this area of the turnover in the city is quite good, every day can be 15 thousand yuan to 20 thousand yuan, the average of each store every day the net turnover of 1000 yuan."

"we are selling services, software and POS machines, if you feel expensive, he can not join," hungry, "said the website of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Minhang campus manager Lu said.

competitive ranking sparked controversy

Another reason for

exit some businesses, is not satisfied with the ordering website ranking approach.

today, I pay 2160 yuan ($3 service fee), my ranking forward. Tomorrow, the other home to pay 2160 yuan, ranking pushed me back to the. In a word, is that you pay more money, more and more high ranking, "a restaurant.