Stationmaster net broadcast Microsoft volume registered domain name for porn trouble which Xicihuton


1 which is to lead to trouble? Mass registered pornographic website domain name  

the United States Department of Commerce’s international domain name management agency ICANN, the full liberalization of the international top-level domain, which.Porn and.Adult these two top-level domain, reserved for pornography and adult industry. People think that registered the domain name has pornography, Microsoft Corp, Harvard University.

The Associated Press reported, according to the major reform initiatives of ICANN, current situation of top-level domain will bid farewell to.Com, only a few.Net, there will be a variety of top-level domain, respectively for different industries and applications, such as ".App" should be used mainly for mobile software, ".Music" is mainly for the field of music.

2 new top-level domain name ".XYZ" registered the first break of 800 thousand!  

March 24th hearing, according to overseas media news, the new top-level domain name.XYZ registered amount of 838245, becoming the first registration of more than 800 thousand of the new top-level domain name.

".Xyz" since open enrollment, by domain name investors favorite, only registered the first day of open enrollment reached 18000, a week has successfully reached the summit of new top-level domain registration list, strong momentum can not be ignored.

".Xyz" is the 26 letter of the last three English, more familiar to people, read catchy, relatively easy to remember, and the application range is wide, there is no trade restrictions.

3 storm technology today landing gem: opened 9.43 yuan higher than the issue price rises 32% 

today, Beijing storm Polytron Technologies Inc landed on the Shenzhen stock exchange gem, stock name for storm technology, code 300431. Opening price of 9.43 yuan, an increase of more than the issue price of $32%.

storm technology was founded in January 2007, currently employs 600. Company storm video series software, including storm PC, APP and video browser. In addition, the company released a virtual reality product storm mirror second generation mobile phone products and supporting the application of APP in December 2014.

4 Wang Shi: we all want to become Ma, I do not know how much behind the sacrifice of Ma  

Q1: is the world’s largest residential real estate developers, you are the boss of the boss, I would like to ask you how big the house you have a few Suites?

Wang Shi: this involves privacy, because my family Braised pork in brown sauce ", you know, you know I don’t say. My life is relatively simple, which naturally includes housing. I bought two sets of housing to Shenzhen after the start, because the changes > House