Restore a true concept of nternet privacy can be done to do good data

IT Times reporter Li Dongzhang Wei Wei Wang Xin

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CCTV 3· 15 party Internet privacy "a fish to eat three" and turned into APP, Cookies and other three topics, this newspaper once again focus on these topics, not to refute CCTV’s point of view, but rather to present a real situation of Internet privacy. It is worth noting that we pointed out in the report, according to APP and Cookies, the US consumers have the right to choose, use, or not, all of you say! For you as a consumer will choose, please read the following text.

annual CCTV 3· 15 party will set off a great disturbance in the IT sector, as IT media, we invited wearing IT glasses "readers looking back on a APP and Cookie the fashionable topic, re understanding of Internet privacy brings joy joy.

APP, have you crossed the line?

"do you want to install this application? Allow this application to read your location, read your email attachments, read your address book, and modify and delete your SD storage content……" Because the 15 party CCTV 3· because many people have to download and install mobile phone application (APP) will more seriously, carefully read the installation expressly notice before, can be read but found that even the regular APP more or less what to read……

take the CCTV’s own CNTV and 5+ sports two APP as an example, the day before, the reporter downloaded the two Android APP version from the third party platform, before installing the pop-up window on the notice stated: "this application allows modify / delete SD card contents, access to sensitive data, mobile phone reading state and identity……" Some people can not help but ask, is this not to collect personal information? On the other hand, as of press time reporter, CCTV website, iOS version, Windows version, or even CNTV mobile phone version of MeeGo application are still around, but the Android version of APP has disappeared, unable to download. The netizen dubbed the "CCTV zeihanzhuozei, guilty!"

life is inseparable from the APP

in Shanghai, any young people who are likely to happen: friends and go on the road, a spur of the moment, want to find a coffee shop to sit down and drink tea. The first time to open the public comment search which cafes nearby. After finding the cafe, then open the Google map navigation, a route to the cafe; sit down, see cake, delicious coffee, could not help but take some photos uploaded to micro-blog show…… As long as the blink of an eye, the location information is uploaded to the first public comment on the server, the server location information, processing of qualified coffee shop, and sent back to the list in the form of mobile phone; "