Left for the king of Guangdong century China DC off the net and the price

talked about China’s Internet 09 years of keywords, have to mention is broken network". Ministry of information, communications, telecommunications, Netcom and other ministries and the parties to the government’s comprehensive fight against Seqing information, many IDC server was forced off the network rectification.

the author interviewed Guangdong well-known IDC enterprises China century operations director, Fan Zong said: "in fact, and unlike Internet so exaggerated and far from the truth. 09 years at the beginning of December in Shanghai is off network inventory, and other provinces have broken network inventory, Guangdong also broke the net rectification. "

in Shanghai broken network inventory, there are still a lot of IDC is not enough to recognize the seriousness of the matter and the necessity of self-examination, which is also the root cause of IDC off the network.

online speculation when we raise a Babel of criticism of, as one of the IDC of Guangdong, it is necessary to make the following clarification:

1 is not all operators are broken network

not all segments of the IP address are just off the network, Telecom will business volume was repeatedly warned the company for rectification, but has not yet reached the IDC server all the broken network, the illegal information network or part of the whole telecom direct closure segment.

is not enabled in the white list, it can be said that China does not dare to say that he is now placed in the IDC sites are in accordance with the first record, after access. In particular, the main virtual hosting business. White list gateway system to help IDC service providers to solve this problem, each site must be manually corrected and then released, reducing the impact due to the lack of filing.

The birth of gateway tool information monitoring system

must be another IDC enterprise, as long as the "not bad money" IDC service providers have to purchase in order to reduce the influence brought because of illegal information, and the software or hardware equipment has been very mature can be monitored easily to illegal information and Seqing text, pictures, video.

2 Guangdong IDC full price

as a result of Guangzhou and Shenzhen room prices relative to other parts of Guangdong Province, the price is much higher than the number of Telecom bandwidth resource prices is higher than the. The price is not as exaggerated as the rumors, doubled, on the whole, the cost of about 30%-40%, see how much the cost of each company’s bandwidth is not consistent.

According to the

Bureau of statistics in Guangdong province have ISP qualification IDC a total of more than and 340 enterprises, without qualification plus IDC server has more than 1000, peer malicious competition frequently, product homogeneity serious, the price war has become a part of enterprises preferred. Guangdong after the price has basically been to Guangzhou and Shenzhen to close the normal market price is a normal phenomenon. But there are still more than Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the two sides of the bandwidth cost advantage, so it will not cause too much impact.

3 clean contracting

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