1 million 300 thousand Ebola domain name has nvest com value of 30 million

renamed China (eName.cn) in the week following the December 5th hearing, several ten million yuan level digital domain name after the transaction, this week is to highlight the "investment" English domain name Invest.com, with more than $5 million, about 30 million 740 thousand yuan of the purchase price. In addition, the value of 1 million 300 thousand yuan Ebora domain name Ebola.com has established.


figure: domestic domain name trading week dynamic

in this week’s domestic domain name trading market, the number of digital domain, although less than last week, when still strong. 2 99.net, 3 digital digital domain name domain name 292.com and 277.com, were sold to one million yuan price, as well as 129.com, 181.com and 472.com have also changed the domain name. Has been with 6 digits of the game with the acquisition of the domain name 176.cn, the site has been. 122 traffic network also enabled the 3 digital domain 122.cn on-line.

This week’s

domain name market is still hot, it is worth mentioning that some of them looks good to fight a single domain name. Sit in "zuo.com 6" contest price change hands, "sai.com," agriculture "," Tian "nong.com tian.com," "guan.com," sing "chang.com single spell domain were trading at high prices. Another soft union network enabled soft single fight domain name ruan.cn.

in the Larry domain, Ali tourism brand "to" the domain name qua.com, is where the station is enabled; the skin plus mask enabled "beautiful" weimei.cn; "electric" electric state enabled diandong.com, the domain name came close to the transaction price of $3 million. Hangzhou, a company spent 768 thousand yuan to buy foreign buy domain name yangmai.com. Another wholesale pifa.com, pig xiaozhu.cn, Toshiba dongzhi.cn, Taipei, taibei.com have been acquired domain name investors. Three fight domain name, a good thing to open the electricity supplier platform on-line haodongxi.com, Beijing seven door acquisition qishanmen.com.

In addition to the

, the eastern name of the film enabled 4 letter domain name dfmm.com, 100% of the site every day to enable the combination of domain name bainbai.com, the domain name investors to acquire 3z.com figure six. Baidu smart Internet platform to enable two domain ihome.baidu.com on the line, the 360 vulnerability response platform to enable butian.360.cn, the post in the overseas purchase enabled buy.ems.com.cn.



: foreign domain name trade figure

look at the foreign domain name trading market, according to the latest issue of DN>